What do you see in this optical illusion? Which animal you identify first says a lot about your personality

Optical illusions have been mesmerizing the public for years, and the latest one to capture attention has been combined with another thing a lot of people love – a personality test.

The illusion can be used to tell you something about your personality, and it’s all down to which animal you see first in a picture.

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So, how does the illusion work – and what do each of the nine animals included say about you?

There are 9 animals in this optical illusion – which one do you see?

What is the optical illusion?

The image, which was first highlighted by US publisher Your Tangoshows nine animals hidden in an image – a stallion, a rooster, a crab, a praying mantis, a wolf, a falcon, a dog, a butterfly and a dove.

This optical illusion has a simple concept – all you have to do is look at that image and say which animal you see first – then read below to see what that says about you.

Don’t overthink it, just go with your first instinct when you look at the image.

What does it say about me if I saw a stallion first?

If you saw the stallion first then this means you are a determined individual who will follow things you are passionate about.

You are also independent and can be impulsive, but you also know how to act appropriately in social situations.

The Stallion

What does it say about me if I saw a rooster first?

If you saw the rooster first this means you are confident and like showing off your skills when you can, but you’re not a show off.

You’re also likely to be supportive and like to instinctively want to protect your loved ones.

The Rooster

What does it say about me if I saw a crab first?

If you saw the crab first this means you may have a harder exterior, but are actually very soft and sensitive on the inside.

It’s also an indication that, much like the way the crab moves, you may need to move in a few different directions before you reach your goals.

The Crab

What does it say about me if I saw a praying mantis first?

If you saw the praying mantis first this means that you are happiest when you have peace and quiet in your life, both literally and metaphorically, and you may become overwhelmed in noisy or chaotic situations.

You are also clever and patient.

The Praying Mantis

What does it say about me if I saw a wolf first?

If you saw the wolf first this means you are a natural leader and a survivor, and you’re intelligent and fearless and want to carve out your own path.

You are very happy with your own company and do not mind spending time alone as opposed to with others.

The Wolf

What does it say about me if I saw a falcon first?

If you saw the falcon first that means you were born to be a leader. You like traveling and have a love of travelling, and others are often inspired by your positive energy. You’re also known for being strong and balanced.

The Falcon

What does it say about me if I saw a dog first?

If you saw the dog first that means you are a very loyal person. Like man’s best friend, you also like to please people and also look after your loved ones. You are kind and protective too.

The Dog

What does it say about me if I saw a butterfly first?

If you saw the butterfly first this means you have natural grace and beauty. You also have the ability to get through difficult situations and emerge better than before. Other people are also inspired by your impressive self-growth techniques and resilience.

The Butterfly

What does it say about me if I saw a dove first?

If you saw a dove first this means that you are gentle, hopeful and innocent. You are also calm and balanced and bring a sense of calm and peace to everyone you meet. For this reason, people love being around you.

The Dove

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