Vanity Fair Oscar Party Red Carpet Rundown – PART TWO

Part one is here! The entirety of our Oscars 2022 coverage is here! All caught up? Let’s go!

Alia Shawkat in Vintage Celine

This got overshadowed by some more eye-catching sheer dresses, but we kinda like that she did her own thing, choosing chunky heeled boots and a braid to finish it off.

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

We love this under-emotive drag queen.

Gabrielle Union in Valentino Couture

Simple, gorgeous and an unusual color. Sheer done right.

Hailey Bieber in Saint Laurent

Too much ruching, too big a flower, bland color.

Heidi Klum in AZ Factory

In all our years of fashion coverage, this is the first time we’ve seen a skirt pinned to a bra. Of course the Kluminator would be the one to wear it.

Janelle Monae in Christian Siriano

No. We’re sorry Janelle and Christian, but no.

Jessie Buckley in Moschino

Now why would you wear something as sharp as this to the after party when your look for the main event was a disaster? We wonder if she felt like she couldn’t wear pants as a nominee. She must’ve been so pissed when K Stew and Ariana showed up wearing them.

Julia Fox in Han Kjobenhavn

On the one hand, there’s a certain level of respect for how well she’s managing her inexplicable fame by making sure everyone’s talking about her. On the other hand, we had no idea until we saw an interview with her just how amazingly vapid she is. This dress is hideous and her makeup is a joke, but she made it into this rundown, so that’s something.

Kelly Rowland in Jean-Louis Sabaji

We don’t mind it because the design is interesting, but there are just too many sheer black dresses this year.

Lily James in Fendi Couture

Ditto. The sheer hose are a nice touch, though.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Schiaparelli Couture

It’s gorgeous, but a suit is an odd choice for a party.

Maria Bakalova in Giambattista Valli

It’s a pretty gown, but that necklace should be nowhere near it.

Michael B. Jordan (in Tom Ford) and Lori Harvey (in Tony Ward)

Her dress is insane and we think we love it. Go ahead, wear sheer. Just make it interesting. He, of course, is red hot, even with his pants all messed up.

Regina Hall in Greta Constantine

Don’t like the color or the shape.

Rosie Perez in Christian Siriano

This is pretty sharp. She can really handle a high waist/flared pant combination. It’s hard to pull off.

Sarah Paulson in Bottega Veneta

Ah, Sarah. We’ve missed you, you crazy broad. This is all terrible, of course. Skirts are not supposed to have beards and red carpets are not the place for calf-birthing gloves.

Tessa Thompson in Schiaparelli

YES! We just KNEW someone was going to bring the bike shorts back to the red carpet this year. This is so weird that we are forced to love it. She does really well with other-worldly styles.

Vanessa Hudgens in Valentino

Gets the job done, especially when the edible has just kicked in and you don’t want to fuss with things.

Zoe Kravitz in Saint Laurent

Absolutely gorgeous – and truth be told, way more interesting than the more literal Audrey look she sported earlier.

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