Tyler Henry, of Netflix’s Life After Death, performed a reading for me

  • Tyler Henry is the 26-year-old “Hollywood Medium.”
  • Now he has a new Netflix series, “Life After Death.”
  • He gives a “reading” to reporter Erin Jensen, who is surprised by some of the “eerie” details.

Can Tyler Henry really connect with the dead? A reading from the supposed clairvoyant seemed to be the only way to find out.

Henry, who first gained notoriety in 2016 as E!’s “Hollywood Medium,” “reading” celebrities, says he gets messages from the deceased through his five senses. “I might get a very strong vision. I might get what feels like a song stuck in my head,” Henry, 26, says.

Our reading, arranged to promote his new Netflix series, “Life After Death with Tyler Henry” (now streaming), mirrors those of his non-celebrity clients. Though ours is conducted over video chat. The nine-episode series also attempts to solve his family’s mystery: How his mom, Theresa, ended up in the custody of a woman evil enough to commit double-homicide – whom Theresa learned only a few years ago is not her biological mother.

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Tyler Henry embraces his mother, Theresa, in an episode of "Life After Death" now streaming on Netflix.

Henry says he first became aware of his ability at age 10. He says he had a premonition that his grandmother “was going to die” and was proved right. His mom was notified shortly after of his grandmother’s death. Henry’s now amassed a waiting list of more than 300,000 people seeking readings, according to the series.

“Life After Death” highlights what seems like an impressive ability, but could it be the result of skillful editing or thorough research of his subjects? Ahead of my reading, I’m assured that he has not been given my name in advance.

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