Swatchbook and Centric Software Partner for PLM Integration of Materials

Swatchbook Inc. and Centric Software have announced a partnership that will provide seamless integration between swatchbook’s material sourcing, management and design platform and Centric Software’s Centric PLM. Picture: swatchbook

swatchbook inc. and Centric Software have announced a partnership that will provide seamless integration between the material sourcing, management and design platform swatchbook and the Centric PLM software solution for planning, designing, developing, sourcing and selling products.

The Irvine, Calif.–based swatchbook was founded in 2017 and develops applications that help integrate the creative community within an organization into the product-development process. Centric Software provides a product-concept-to-consumer digital-transformation platform for a variety of consumer goods across a number of different industries including fashion retail, luxury and outdoor. Centric PLM offers enterprise-level innovations for consumer industries.

“With our focus on the fashion industry, we have seen Centric Software emerge as the leader for PLM,” said Thomas Teger, co-founder and chief product officer of swatchbook. “Partnering with Centric Software and integrating swatchbook’s material samples directly into PLM will speed time-to-market while also reducing waste. Designers will be closely linked to production and vice versa via a dynamic live link to ensure that data is always up to date.”

swatchbook will deliver a bidirectional integration between its cloud platform and Centric PLM that will be instantly available for users. The integration is available for materials and colors uploaded by brands as well as any of the material and color combinations that are uploaded by suppliers. Users are also able to create their own colors. Other assets, including sketches, graphics and colors, can be synced with Centric PLM as well.

“This partnership is an exciting development for apparel and footwear brands moving to a 3D environment. With this integration, the information associated with each material goes straight from the supplier to Centric PLM through swatchbook, boosting efficiency in product-development workflows by eliminating manual data input. This opens up a plethora of possibilities to feed designers’ creativity,” said Ron Watson, VP of product at Centric Software.

Italian sportswear brand Kappa recently integrated swatchbook into its workflow as part of the digital transformation of its supply chain. Kappa will also use swatchbook for material sourcing and management. Other notable clients using the swatchbook platform include New Balance, Target, Aldo and merrell.


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