Savannah Guthrie Had the Best Response to an Instagram Troll Who Said She Looks ‘So Old’

  • Savannah Guthrie clapped back at a rude Instagram comment who said she looked “so old.”

  • Guthrie, 50, had the best candid response to the Instagram troll.

  • The comment was left on a post sharing that Guthrie recently sprained her toe and had to wear slippers while filming Today.

As a national news anchor, Savannah Guthrie is used to receiving criticism about her appearance (unfortunately). And typically, she’s too busy to address it. But she couldn’t help but defend herself against a recent comment that went too far.

Last week, Guthrie shared some behind-the-scenes shots from Today in which she wore slippers to cushion a sprained toe. “Sprained toe silver lining – doing the show in slippers. I may never go back,” she captioned the post.

In a completely unrelated response, one of Guthrie’s followers commented: “You look so old Savannah what happened to you.”

Shocked by the statement’s boldness, Guthrie screenshot the comment, as well as her response, and shared it on her Instagram Story, per People. “I aged! 😂” she wrote back candidly, adding: “Bahahaha.” Over the screen grab, she also wrote: “I love my fans.”

This isn’t the first time Guthrie has been vocal about aging. “I’m like anyone—when I see a picture where my wrinkles are apparent, I don’t love looking at that, and I’ll try to put the good Instagram filter on there to make it look better,” she told Today in 2018. “But I’m not going to not put the picture up.”

She continued: “I’m 46 years old and I don’t mind looking 46 years old. Sometimes people say, ‘I can see your wrinkles.’ Well, that’s true. I do have some wrinkles. I call them smile lines. They’re from smiles and laughing, and those are the best kind of wrinkles.”

It’s refreshing that the mom of two proudly embraces getting older and isn’t afraid to keep it real while also not taking life too seriously. And, she’s not the only one with this mindset. Stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Christie Brinkley, and Jennifer Garner have all been vocal about leaning into aging.

Still, despite all of the trailblazing women in Hollywood alongside her, Guthrie admits that it’s not always easy to brush off the negativity.

“There certainly is a lot of criticism out there. Fair criticism, I’m open to,” she said. “But how about your looks or hair? If you absorb it too much, it can get to you.”

Trolls aside, hopefully Guthrie can now focus on healing from her injury. We Today, she said she stubbed her toe so hard she thought she broke it. “It might be broken. We literally tapped it ourselves. It just hurts to walk. I can sit and stand, but [can’t walk],” she said.

Thankfully, her trusty slippers have kept her in front of the cameras, but she’s taking all the additional relief she can get. During a recent cooking segment with chef Evan Funke, she happily took advantage of the wine on hand.

“I’m going to have a sip of wine,” she said. “My toe hurts.”

Get well soon, Savannah!

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