‘Pull Up, It Ain’t What You Want’

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Kanye West has said he “can afford to hurt” DL Hughley, and now Steve Harvey has issued a warning to leave his friend alone.

Hughley found himself the target of Kanye’s ire after he suggested Yeezy’s behavior on Instagram, which wound up getting him suspended for 24 hours on Wednesday, was worrisome. He said Ye was “stalking” his ex Kim Kardashian, who’s now with SNL star Pete Davidson. Ye threatened Hughley, and ripped into his style and career choices in some follow-ups.

During a new episode of the Steve Harvey Morning Showthe host issued his own threat for clowning his friend.

“Pull up, it ain’t what you want. If y’all do get to scrapping, all my cash on DL, cause you have no idea. You been a lil politically, socially conscious rapper—we from an ass-whoopin’ era. … We from a whole ‘nother era,” the 65-year-old said. Hughley is 59; Ye is 44.

Harvey added, “Ye, c’mon man, back up a little bit. … DL ain’t your problem. Don’t go out there against that man’s family.”

West, who has been constantly hounding his ex and attacking Trevor Noah among others on Instagram, is on a bit of a war path as of late. Following the debut of his album 2which largely vanished from the zeitgeist in part due to the $200 Stem Player required to hear it, Ye has refused to play nice with those critical of his behavior.

“This grown ass man picked this outfit out himself Is he influential or under the influence???” wrote Ye in one of his multiple posts clowning Hughley. “Funny thing is we’ll probably end up being friends… I used to defend this n***a back when he had work…. Like nah he funny…you just gotta watch it 1 trillion more times to get it.”

Hughley then mocked Kanye’s mental health issues in a series of tweets. “When you say you had to explain my jokes to people, are these real people, or the ones you keep in your head?” he wrote. “Do you know how horrible you gotta be to make a #Kardashian date a white man?”

Davidson remains Ye’s biggest target online. In one post this week, he shared a suspiciously cropped screenshot of a headline from Breitbart—the far-right news site criticized for trafficking in misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and disinformation—reading, “Pete Davidson Enrages Audience With Jokes About Having Sex With to Baby.”

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