Paedon Brown Confirms Kody’s Wife Meri Is Forbidden Fruit

Without saying much of anything at all, Paedon Brown of Sister Wives managed to confirm Kody’s wife Meri is forbidden fruit. What exactly did Christine’s son say (or not say) that has fans drawing this conclusion? Keep reading for the details.

Paedon Brown has been very vocal

As we’ve reported, Paedon Brown has been all over media outlets talking up his family after Season 16 ended. Some fans praised Christine’s son for finding a way to make some cash off his family drama. In fact, many Sister Wives fans hope he’ll continue doing interviews and spilling more and more info about his family.

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A lot can be said while saying nothing at all

Paedon Brown made an appearance on a podcast called Surviving Sister Wives. Pretty early on, the hosts said they were aware of him not being interested in discussing his father. But, they were hoping to talk about Kody a little bit. Paedon informed them the best approach for the podcast would be simply for them to ask their questions. Paedon Brown told the podcast hosts he would either answer the questions or tell them he couldn’t. Turns out, both his mother and father gave him a list of topics he wasn’t allowed to touch during these interviews.

Paedon also made it clear it was his mother was more terrified of as far as honoring wishes not to touch certain topics was concerned. The podcast hosts slowly worked their way through a lot of different topics.

Paedon - Meri - Robyn - Brown

As we previously reported, Paedon Brown did admit he has no relationship with Meri or Robyn Brown. Christine’s admitted that relationships work both ways. Then, he implied that neither Meri nor Robyn make an effort to have a relationship with him either.

Paedon admits Meri Brown is forbidden fruit

Turns out, Meri Brown was actually on the list of topics Paedon was not really allowed to discuss during these interviews. By confirming Meri Brown was a do not fly zone, Paedon confirmed she was the forbidden fruit of the family.

meri brown sister wives - youtube
meri brown sister wives – youtube

Meri Brown is a member of the family that truly baffles fans. She’s made it clear she absolutely loves her husband Kody. She wants to get back to an intimate marriage with him. He, however, has made it clear he won’t be more than friends with her. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like fans will be getting anything more than what we see on the show about Meri Brown because she’s a do not discuss topic in interviews for the kids and she refuses to talk about her personal life on social media.

Do you see Meri Brown as the forbidden fruit of the family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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