New Horizons Fan Shows Off Moving, Custom-Made Gyroid Model

One Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan shows off a custom-made, 3D printed gyroid model that can dance and gyrate with a little help.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers players more customization options than ever before, including a slew of brand-new collectibles to place around the island. One of the most adorable optional decorations to gather are the gyroids, cute little items that dance and make unique sounds. Gyroids have quickly become an iconic part of the game, and now one Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan is showing a moving, custom-made gyroid model.

Gyroids are little cactus-shaped creatures that can be acquired by gathering buried gyroid fragments from uncharted islands. Then, gamers can take them home, plant them in the ground, and water them, after which they will grow into a full gyroid the following day. There are a lot of gyroids for players to collect and place around the island.


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Redditor monkeynicaud recently decided to model and 3D print their very own gyroid model, which appears to be based on Lloid, the brown gyroid with a yellow hard hat. This isn’t the first time Animal Crossing fans have created real life gyroid models, but it may be one of the most intricate. Perhaps the most famous trait of the gyroids is the way they wobble and dance, especially to music. While monkeynicaud’s gyroid figure doesn’t appear to feature any internal motors, it can still dance with a bit of help.

In a short 11-second-long video, monkeynicaud demonstrates how to make the 3D printed gyroid figure dance. It appears that each piece of the model was made separately, and there’s room for them to move even when combined. This means that monkeynicaud is able to make the gyroid dance by gently spinning the body around and posing the arms. The arms seem to be stuck in a position with the elbows bent, but they can be spun around to face up, down, or outwards. Meanwhile, the body, face, and hard hat all seem to be immobile, but the hat is reportedly removable.

As of writing, it appears that other Animal Crossing fans are very impressed by monkeynicaud’s creation. After an early reply asked how they made the gyroid and if they were planning to sell similar items, monkeynicaud explained that they had uploaded the 3D printing file to Cults3d. Apparently, the eyes and the leaf decal on the hard hat are made from construction paper. The majority of the comments on the post are asking for the link to said file. One user noted that they should try fitting some gears inside the head to move the arms, while a second stated they’d like to print a bigger version that might be able to serve a piggy bank.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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