My neighbors are rude about my fashion sense

DEAR HARRIETTE: The locals in my new town are complete haters.

Harriet Cole

I’m from New York City. In New York, you can wear whatever you want, and nobody will bat an eye. When I moved to a small town a few months back, I kept my New York fashion sense, and it didn’t translate well at all.

The locals in the town where I live now give me dirty looks every day. Someone always has something to say about my outfits (mostly negative things). I love dressing up, but I’m sick of the glares and rude remarks.

What should I do?


DEAR NEW TOWN: Because people who live in New York City come from all walks of life, there is a convergence of styles there that quite naturally leads to a different level of acceptance than in many other places. You have transplanted into a more homogeneous community that has its own set of values ​​and traditions.

If you want to live harmoniously there, you may need to think about how to modify your personal presentation a bit to cut down on the glares and snipes. Or you can decide that how you are is perfect and stop noticing their judgment. Your attitude about yourself is what you can control. If you fully embrace your uniqueness and stop allowing their opinions to affect you, over time they may more fully welcome you.


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