Millie Bobby Brown Does a Spot-On Anna Delvey Print

You know those actors who become famous for a role that requires them to fake a totally different accent than the one they have IRL and then when you finally hear them speak in their natural accent, you feel this weird mix of emotions that’s somehow simultaneously impressed, Incredulous, and a little betrayed all at once? Okay, now show of hands if Millie Bobby Brown was one of those actors for you. (*Assume thousands of digital hands just went up.*)

Obviously, Millie’s epic talent was clear when she fully put on a clinic in How to Act So Well You Can Bring People Practically to Tears Without Even Speaking during the early episodes of Stranger Things. But when Eleven did start talking, it was with a flawless American accent that is decidedly different from her natural, very British accent.

So how did Millie—who was just 12 years old when she filmed the first season of Stranger Things, BTW—master her American accent? Turns out, she studied under Miley Cyrus—in the form of binge-watching Hannah Montana.

During Millie’s recent appearance on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon mentioned he’d heard that Millie learned her American accent at Best of Both Worlds U and asked if it was an actual, true fact. Millie didn’t just confirm it, she yelled out a proud, “Yes, absolutely!” before letting her inner Hannah Montana fangirl out for a moment.

“I watched Bugsy Malone and Godfather when I was like eight and my parents were like, you know, watching all these movies with me and I was like ‘Yeah but Hannah Montana is like Oscar-nominating, like it’s so good,'” she explained of her refined elementary school taste.”Hannah Montana is the best—the film, everything. Everything about it is amazing.”

She then demonstrated how she eventually started slipping in and out of an American accent as a byproduct of her H.M. marathons (and, fair warning, it’s so seamless it’s a little jarring). At this point, an appropriately-impressed Jimmy Fallon asks if her ear for accents extends beyond Miley Cyrus sitcoms, and—SPOILER ALERT—it definitely does.

In addition to doing a spot-on fake American accent, Millie also does a must-hear fake heiress accent. That’s right: Millie Bobby Brown can perfectly imitate Anna Delvey’s accent (well, technically it’s Julia Garner’s Anna Delvey accent from Inventing Annabut it’s still just *chef’s kiss*).

Fast forward to 1:52 for the Millie-as-Julia-as-Anna magic:

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