‘Married At First Sight’ Not Airing New Episode, Why?

Season 14 has been deemed as one of the most dramatic Married at First Sight seasons to date. Many fans have expressed their dislike for some of the matches the experts found. Still, fans follow faithfully as Season 14 continues. However, it seems there will not be a new episode airing on March 23, 2022. Why?

Why a new episode of Married at First Sight won’t air tonight

Fans won’t be getting a new episode from Season 14 of Married at First Sight. Instead, viewers can get caught up on all the episodes as a day-long marathon airs on Lifetime. This will all lead up to the new special The Journey So Far: Boston.

According to the synopsis, host Kevin Frazier will join experts to discuss all the drama that has occurred during the first half of the season. They will predict which couples will make it past decision day. Plus, fans will get to see clips from the rest of Season 14. Will the panel of experts change their predictions after seeing the clips? Fans will have to tune in and find out.

The new special will air Wednesday night on Lifetime at 8 PM Eastern.

Married at First Sight

Season 14 so far

One of the worst brides, as deemed by fans, has emerged from Season 14. Fans met Alyssa during the first few weeks of the show. She instantly did not feel an attraction to her new husband Chris.

She didn’t even spend their wedding night in the same room. Their honeymoon didn’t go any better. So, finally, when she refused to move in with him following the honeymoon, Chris opted for a divorce.

Alyssa and Chris via YouTube 1
Alyssa and Chris via YouTube 1

Of course, Chris and Alyssa are not the only drama-filled couple. Lindsey and Mark both have their issues as well. Many fans believe per Screening Mark feels trapped and this is why he won’t leave Lindsey.

Mark and Lindsey MAFS via YouTube
Mark and Lindsey MAFS

There’s even wife-to-wife drama with Lindsey and Katina butting heads. While it seems Lindsey is being nicer, most believe these two can ever be friends.

Then of course there is Olajuwon yelling at Katina for having a dating app. The drama is thick with Season 14.

'MAFS' Season 14: Fans Think Olajuwon Should Have Stayed Single

While tonight will be a special to get fans caught up and allow experts to weigh in, next week will be back to regularly scheduled new episodes.

All-new episodes air Wednesday nights on Lifetime.

If anyone knows someone interested in joining Married at First Sight, the new Nashville season is currently casting.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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