Katherine Heigl Shares Rare Glimpse Into Family Life in Honor of Daughter Adalaide’s 10th Birthday

Katherine Heigl is celebrating her daughter Adalaide‘s 10th birthday with a trip down memory lane.

Taking to Instagram April 3, the 43-year-old actress shared a video that her husband Josh Kelley made in honor of Adalaide’s big day. The nearly one-minute clip showed footage of Adalaide from over the years, dating back to when she was a baby and going all the way up to present day. Throughout the video, viewers got a glimpse into the family’s world, including Katherine and Josh cradling Adalaide when she was an infant, Adalaide playing with her big sister Naleighnow 13, when they were younger, and Adalaide recently having fun with a virtual reality set.

As Katherine watched the video about her “beautiful,” “fiery” and “witty” daughter “in wonder,” she couldn’t help but reflect on how much Adalaide has grown.

“Ten years ago today Adalaide made her way into the world and into our arms,” ​​she captioned the video. “She was the smallest baby I had ever seen. Weighing in at just 4 pounds 11 ounces. I could place her in the palm of my hand and her little legs would only reach an inch past my wrist. I started calling her peanut after that .My beautiful, delicious, observing peanut.”

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Tea Grey’s Anatomy alum remembered how Adalaide scooted, “never crawled,” and how she was so fast. “Josh would joke that we should attach a swiffer to her butt so she could scoot and clean at the same time,” she recalled. “Then one day she just stood up and ran. Not walked…ran.”


Katherine then told her 4.1 million followers a little bit more about her daughter. “She made you work to make her laugh…still does,” she continued. “She has the most beautiful soulful eyes and when she trains them on you just know she’s taking it ALL in and yes…she’s judging you. If you are one of her people count yourself blessed. Her loyalty. Devotion. Care. Love. Is Boundless. We count ourselves very very wounded.”

At the end, the 27 Dresses star wished her “beautiful” Adalaide a happy birthday. “I match your boundless love with my own,” she concluded, “forever and ever. Mom.”

Josh also shared the video on his Instagram with his own message. “Today my sweet Adalaide turns 10,” the 42-year-old singer wrote. “She is my fun funny fierce Side kick who is always down for an adventure!! Can’t believe how fast time moves – once held her nestled in the palm of my hands and now she’s got me in the palm of hers!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!!”

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Katherine and Josh adopted Adalaide after she was born in Louisiana in 2012. They had adopted Naleigh, who was born in South Korea, three years before when she was 9 months old. And in 2017, Katherine gave birth to their son Joshuanow 5.

Together, the family members live on a ranch in Utah. And while it isn’t Hollywood, Katherine and Josh’s kids still get asked about their famous parents from time to time.

“The other day, Adalaide came home from school and acted out what she heard from her friends. Like, ‘Omigosh, your dad’s music! Your mom’s movies!'” Katherine told Parents last year magazine. “She’s like, yeah, I know. My parents are famous, I got it. And for Naleigh, I think it’s a little bit embarrassing. But the nice thing is that we’ve been a part of this community for 12 years, and our kids get to see us live just like everybody else, away from the hoopla and the paparazzi.”

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