Jordyn Woods Trending After Khloé Kardashian Interview

Khloé infamously targeted Jordyn during the Tristan Thompson infidelity scandal.

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Jordyn has been in the public eye for many years, appearing as Kylie Jenner’s best friend on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as her standalone spinoff, Life of Kylie.

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She was at the center of Tristan Thompson’s infamous cheating scandal in 2019, and for a while, she was also the object of Khloé’s very public anger over her now-former partner’s unfaithfulness.

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Even then, Khloé faced criticism for her treatment of Jordyn, as she called her a liar — Jordyn had previously recalled once sharing a kiss with Tristan at a party, alleging he made the first move — and said point blank that Jordyn “broke up” her family. She later walked back those claims.

But Khloé also dragged Jordyn, over and over again, on KUWTK. There’s one scene in particular that stands out, where Khloé tells Kim Kardashian and their friends that “[she wants] people to be fucking afraid” to involve themselves with Tristan.

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Conversations about the scandal controversy resurfaced recently, after Khloé said in a Variety interview that she finds it “really hurtful” when blame is placed on a woman whose partner has cheated.

“If your significant other is doing something wrong, for the woman to be blamed, that’s always been really hurtful for me,” she said.

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“I’ve never quite understood that instead of there being some sympathy or, like, ‘Wow, that must really suck to have to go through that,'” Khloé continued. “And not only go through it, but then go through it so publicly.”

As voices across the internet called out the double standard inherent to Khloé’s sentiment — given how reluctant she was to hold Tristan accountable during the 2019 controversy — Jordyn posted about kindness and inner peace on her Instagram story.

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“What’s yours will find you. No matter what happens,” read one post, which featured a quote from author Robert M. Drake. “Everything you deserve will come to you. It will manifest. You’ll see.”

Jordyn also shared this photo, perhaps as a small reminder that, renewed Tristan-Khloé chatter or not, she’s doing well.

You can read Khloé’s Variety interview here.

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