Janelle Brown’s Granddaughter Is In ‘Heaven’

Janelle Brown’s granddaughter Evie was “in heaven” according to Maddie Brush. In a separate Instagram Stories, Maddie Brown Brush admitted she enjoyed her own slice of heaven too. What elevated Janelle Brown’s grandaughter Evie and Maddie Brush to new heights recently? Keep reading and we’ll explain how both Evie and her mother Maddie took a trip to heaven.

The Brown family go on vacation

Janelle, Christine, Maddie, her husband Caleb, their children, and several of Maddie’s siblings all took a trip to Disney together. Fans learned Gwendlyn’s fiancee Angela joined the family on the trip as well. Sister Wives fans thought this was a good sign that fans approved of Gwen’s significant other. It was during this family vacation that Evie and her mother ascended to heaven.

Janelle Brown’s granddaughter is ‘in heaven’

Janelle Brown’s granddaughter Evie and her grandson Axel got the royal treatment as they met Disney princesses Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Turns out, these princesses have a special place in Evie’s heart as she’s a huge fan of Frozen.

In all capital letters, Maddie Brown Brush exclaimed that her daughter Evie was “in heaven” as she stood face to face with Queen Elsa. In a separate photo, Evie and her brother Axel also had the pleasure of meeting Elsa’s sister Anna as well.

maddie brush - instagram

Janelle Brown recently took to Instagram to reveal a sweet photo of Evie passed out. Turns out, she took a little slice of heaven home with her. Evie was snuggled up fast asleep with her arms wrapped around both an Anna and Elsa doll. Janelle penned in the caption of the post that the dolls were a “huge hit” with Evie.

Maddie Brush also ascended to heaven

Janelle Brown’s granddaughter wasn’t alone in ascending to heaven with her favorite Disney princesses. Maddie Brush also enjoyed a little time flying high as well. Turns out, Maddie is a massive Harry Potter fan. So, it gave her great joy to enjoy some of the Harry Potter attractions. She admitted on Instagram she is already making plans to return with her husband so she can explore the Harry Potter world a little more intimately.

Maddie Brush

Do you have a favorite Disney princess? Do you think this photo of Evie curled up with her dolls is precious? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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