I worked at Walmart – there’s a type of employee you will never see, but they’re watching you

WALMART is considered one of the most reliable places people can go for their groceries and other household items.

It turns out there’s a way you’re probably secretly being watched during every Walmart shopping trip you take.


Athenia Marie shares details about how shoppers are secretly being watched at WalmartCredit: Tik Tok / obeygodess

It’s obvious that loss prevention is something Walmart takes extremely seriously.

They have no interest in losing merchandise to thieves who think they’re going to get away with it.

A TikToker named Athenia Marie, aka @ObeyGoddess, posted a TikTok video about Walmart’s loss prevention tactics.

She revealed in her video that Walmart enlists the help of security guards in plain clothing to monitor their stores.

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This means the guy wearing regular jeans and a T-shirt next to you might actually be an undercover security guard.

The woman in a sundress walking down the aisle behind you might just be there to ensure that no one’s stealing.

Athenia says: “At my store, we had two people that would be there [at] all times like every day seemed like.”

She continues: “They would walk around the store from morning till night time until we closed.”

She even mentioned that they would wear gym shorts while walking around the store, doing their job.

Undercover security guards will take note of everything you’ve stolen before approaching you as you reach the exit doors of your local Walmart.

According to Athenia, they can’t actually detain you, but they will question you about stolen merchandise by asking to see your receipt.

There might be undercover security guards around you while you're shopping at Walmart


There might be undercover security guards around you while you’re shopping at WalmartCredit: Getty

Athenia also reveals that loss prevention at Walmart isn’t only concerned about visiting customers who might steal.

Loss prevention workers also pay attention to Walmart employees to make sure transactions are being handled properly.

Someone in the comment section wrote: “Literally every grocery store chain has people that do that.”

Another person added, “Yeah I’ve seen loss prevention people over there [for] years and they look suspicious.”

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The moral of the story when it comes to shopping at Walmart is that it’s not smart to steal from their stores.

Walmart takes loss prevention seriously, and the undercover security guards they hire stand as proof of that.

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