Elden Ring goes hard, but the fashion goes harder

Elden Ring’s been out for a fair bit now, which means untold thousands of Tarnished souls have been busy traipsing across the lands between, getting murdered by Margit, riding Torrent off a cliff, being whisked half a world away without consent and writing “dog” next to a tortoise.

But beneath all these deaths and mishaps and miscommunicated canines, who are these unfortunate Tarnished—and more importantly, what fashion trends are they bringing to the frankly squalid wardrobes of The Lands Between? Near enough the entire PC Gamer team has ventured into Elden Ring, and here are the regal, rotten and ridiculous characters we’ve thrown against the game’s killing fields.

Mary of Psamathe

(Image credit: From Software)

Nat Clayton—Features Producer: Look, I’m nothing if not predictable. On firing up Elden Ring I immediately set to work creating a grim fantasy facsimile of Apex Legends’ Horizonand in doing so ended up also creating a distressingly uncanny recreation of myself.

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