East Texas exterminators share advice on how to deal with bugs during spring

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – From mosquitoes to roaches, East Texas pest control experts are suggesting that now is the perfect time to start treating your home before they arrive.

“Definitely in East Texas is wasps, mosquitoes, and flies, that is the main thing people just cannot stand, and guess what? We can’t get rid of them,” said Jason Blakeney, the owner of the Blakeney Hardware store.

Bees, wasps, ticks, termites and many more bugs are just the beginning of a long season for professional exterminators.

“Around this time, the main thing people deal with is going to be Asian beetles, wasps for sure since it is a lot warmer and a lot hotter for them. They will come out swarming,” said Ricardo Reynoso, the owner of Premier Pest and Termite Solutions.

Protecting your home with early treatment from all invasive insects can prevent infestation of any kind.

“Mainly, start checking your main entryways (and) your windows. Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed. If you see daylight on any of those, most likely you are going to have insects and pests coming in,” said Reynoso.

With Spring Texas weather arriving, experts said it is best to start cleaning out any conductive conditions in your yard. April and May are also the peak months of swarm season for termites. If your home is experiencing termite infestation, using direct chemicals inside your home or using boric acid spray on floors and walls can get rid of them.

“Mosquitos usually tend to come out late summer, but they will come out now because of the rain and the main thing is standing water or too many leaves in your gutter. (If) you have old tires and water build up in those tires, that will produce mosquitoes,” said Reynoso.

When bringing out the pesticides, it is recommended to wear gloves and avoid getting it in your eyes or clothing and people should spray away from children and pets.

“When you see wasps building their nests, go ahead and spray the nest and go ahead and kill them. There are a couple of different products that we offer that you can do that with. Also, Bifen is a fantastic outdoor and indoor product that you can spray the eves of your house and around your windows,” said Blakeney.

Make sure to check the labels on all pesticides to ensure all safety precautions are met. If you continue to experience issues with these spring time pests, make sure to give your pest control company a chance to tackle the problem.

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