Disney’s Don’t Say Gay Backlash Has Resulted In A Change To Chris Evans’ Lightyear Movie

The Walt Disney Company has faced backlash, particularly this past week, as a Florida bill that would ban the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in primary school classrooms was passed by the state’s Senate. Last week, numerous Pixar employees and their “allies” took the opportunity to issue a statement that the House of Mouse has previously “shaved down” the studio’s attempts to depict the LGBTQ+ community in animated films “to crumbs.” Now it looks like Disney is responding with a change to the upcoming film Lightyear.

Pixar’s next movie following Turning Red is Lightyearwhich will serve as an origin story for the Toy Story space ranger, starring Chris Evans in the voice role. Following the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill controversy, Pixar has reportedly reinstated a same-sex kiss that had been removed from the film previously, per variety‘s source “close” to the production.

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