Clarkstown’s animal control officer retires after 41 years on the job

She’s been bitten by a rabid raccoon, tangled with a boa constrictor in a motel room, and helped a generation of Rocklanders adjust to sharing their neighborhoods with bears, coyotes and foxes.

Along the way, Pat McCoy-Coleman has encountered scores of reptiles, raptors, wild and domestic canines, feral cats, wild turkeys, animal abusers and hoarders.

Now the Stony Point resident will have more time to spend with her own critters — a pair of golden retrievers named Kate and Ted E. Bear.

McCoy-Coleman recently retired as Clarkstown’s animal control officer, a job she started in 1981 when the position was simply called dog warden.

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McCoy-Coleman took the job with no formal instruction but plenty of hands-on experience from breeding, training and showing golden retrievers with her dad, Bill McCoy. Delivering and raising puppies, dealing with sickness and behavior issues during those years taught her “things you can’t get out of a book,” she said.

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