Cavapoo vs. Goldendoodle: How Are They Different?

Poodle mixes have become increasingly popular in recent years, with different hybrids with iconic names popping up often. However, when it comes to the Cavapoo vs Goldendoodle, do you know the key factors that set these two mixed breeds apart?

Thanks to their shared Poodle parent, the Cavapoo and the Goldendoodle are similar in many ways. However, despite these similarities, these two mixed breeds are unique and different types of dogs, and we’ve created this list of the key differences to help you learn exactly what makes each dog different.

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Comparing Cavapoos and Goldendoodles

Cavapoos and Goldendoodles differ in parent breed, size, lifespan, health, personality, temperament, and energy level.


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Here are some of the most noticeable differences between the Cavapoo and the Goldendoodle, so you can learn to tell these two Poodle mixes apart even at a glance.

Cavapoo golden doodle
Size 9 to 14 inches at the shoulders
9 to 25 pounds
17 to 21 inches
50 to 90 pounds
Coat/Hair Type Short, curly or wavy that is soft to the touch with proper grooming Medium length with either waves or curls
colors Cream, fawn, brown, gold, chestnut, white. It may be solid, dual-colored, or tricolored. Dual-colored, golden, tan, white, fawn, black, or brown
Temperament Friendly, affectionate, laidback Friendly, outgoing, loyal, playful
Trainability Moderate High
Life Expectancy 12 to 15 years 10 to 15 years
Energy levels Moderate Moderate to High

The 5 Key Differences Between Cavapoos and Goldendoodles

The key differences between Cavapoos and Goldendoodles are parent breed, size, lifespan, health, personality, temperament, and energy level.

The Cavapoo is the mixture of a Spaniel and a Poodle, while the Goldendoodle is the mixture of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. These different breeds can lead to even more different offsprings, so much so that, at a glance, you may not even realize that the Cavapoo and the Goldendoodle are related! The Goldendoodle can be more than twice the size of the Cavapoo, with a weight up to ten times heavier. The Cavapoo also has a different coat pattern and personality than the Goldendoodle.

However, like with any Poodle mix, or any mixed breed at all, it’s important to remember that the differences between the Cavapoo and the Goldendoodle aren’t always guaranteed. Sometimes genetics can be tricky as a mixed breed, which can result in a single litter of puppies that are all different. As a result, not all Cavapoos or Goldendoodles are the same, and so you may find that some are more similar or different than others.

Cavapoo vs. Goldendoodle: Parent Breeds

Cavapoo laying in the grass with a harness
Cavapoos are the offspring of Spaniels and Poodles.

Picture Creditbonandbon/

When you’re dealing with any Poodle mix, including the Cavapoo and Goldendoodle, you’ll find the number one difference is their parent breeds. All mixed breeds stemming from the Poodle will share some similarities because they have one same parent breed. However, their differences come from their other parent, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the parent breeds.

Cavapoos are the mixture of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. This popular combination has earned them several other names, such as the Cavadoodle or the Cavoodle. The Goldendoodle is the pup of the Poodle and, you guessed it, a Golden Retriever.

Cavapoo vs. Goldendoodle: Size

Aside from having different parent breeds, another one of the key differences between the Cavapoo and the Goldendoodle is size.

Even the largest Cavapoo doesn’t come close to the smallest Goldendoodle height-wise. In fact, there’s a three-inch difference between the largest Cavapoo and the smallest Goldendoodle. When it comes to the largest Goldendoodle? There’s a seven-inch difference! The largest Goldendoodle is also more than double the size of the smallest Cavapoo.

When it comes to weight, however, the difference is even more drastic! While the largest Goldendoodle is only a few inches taller than the largest Cavapoo, the Goldendoodle is almost four times as heavy. This number can skyrocket to ten times as heavy when you’re comparing the largest Goldendoodle and the smallest Cavapoo.

Cavapoo vs. Goldendoodle: Lifespan and Health

Little Goldendoodle playing outside.
Goldendoodles have a shorter lifespan than Cavapoos.

Since Goldendoodles are considered a larger breed than Cavapoos, they’re prone to different health problems, although both dogs may share common concerns due to their Poodle ancestry. Some of the most common Goldendoodle health concerns are hip dysplasia, skin conditions, eye disorders, and thyroid problems. Complications as a result of these conditions are one reason that the Goldendoodle has a slightly shorter lifespan than the Cavapoo.

However, Cavapoos aren’t entirely free of health concerns. Though they tend to live longer than the Goldendoodles, they’re still vulnerable to eye diseases and renal issues.

Cavapoo vs. Goldendoodle: Personality and Temperament

The Cavapoo and Goldendoodle can be opposites at times when it comes to personality and temperament.

Cavapoos are a laid-back breed. They’re gentle and great with the family, but you won’t often find them bursting with energy. Goldendoodles, on the other hand, are much more playful. While they’re equally as affectionate as Cavapoos, they’re less interested in relaxing and enjoying exploring and socializing.

Cavapoo vs. Goldendoodle: Energy Levels

Young black and white Goldendoodle lying on the grass
Goldendoodles have higher energy levels than Cavapoos.

Picture CreditGuy Banville/

The Golden Retriever is a strong hunting dog that lends its energy to the Goldendoodle. Compared to the laid-back and moderate energy Cavapoo, the Goldendoodle needs regular exercise and mental stimulation to help manage its higher energy level.

Even compared to other moderate energy Poodle mixes like the Cockapoo, the Cavapoo tends to fall on the milder side of the moderate energy breeds. If you’re looking for a dog that enjoys low-energy playing occasionally and cuddling more frequently, then the Cavapoo better fits the description than the Goldendoodle.


One of the most fascinating facts about dogs is how, even though they may share a common ancestor, different breeds can be complete opposites. The Cavapoo and the Goldendoodle embody this well.

The Cavapoo is a small, laid-back dog that enjoys being affectionate. However, the Goldendoodle combines a Poodle-like appearance with the heart of a Golden Retriever. Outgoing and playful, your Goldendoodle will keep you on the go before finally settling down and spending time with you. While the Goldendoodle is a little more high-maintenance when it comes to exercise, it is easier to train. As a result, which breed is right for you is best determined by your lifestyle and family.

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