Bold & Beautiful: Sheila Shoots Steffy, Deacon Finds Bodies in Alley

In the alley, Sheila points her gun at Steffy and grits out, “You are NOT calling the police.” Steffy wails that she shot her son; he needs help. “You’re sick. You’re going to jail for the rest of your life!” Sheila screams, “Put it down now!” Steffy declares that Finn needs an ambulance and presses the final “1” on her phone in defiance of the madwoman. Sheila shoots.

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At Forrester Creations, Taylor grins to Ridge that Steffy is such a force. Ridge replies that she reminds her of her. Taylor marvels that their daughter has always been so full of life. Later, Thomas walks in and joins the talk about his sister. He muses that she could always stand up for herself against anyone or anything. They all agree there’s a lot of Stephanie in Steffy. Ridge is glad she has Finn in her corner. Taylor gushes about how they support each other. Ridge wishes Sheila didn’t have to be in the picture — he doesn’t want her to cause problems anymore.

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In the cabin, Bill watches Liam grapple with toys and declines to help. Liam tries to enlist his father to help with Douglas’ science project, but Bill says he hires people to do that. Turning serious, he admits he did love helping Will with homework. Talk turns to the years Bill and Liam missed out on. Bill assures Liam he’s a great father; his kids love him. Liam muses that his kids couldn’t have asked for better moms than Hope and Steffy. Bill knows his son’s kids are his top priority. They discuss Bill and Katie missing Will, who is at boarding school. The mogul still has Liam and Wyatt to run roughshod over. Bill tells Liam he’s impressed at the huge role he plays in Kelly’s life. Liam credits Steffy and feels so lucky to have her and Kelly in his life. Over a beer, Bill asks his son if he ever wonders what Kelly will be like when she grows up — he and Steffy are a study in contrasts. Liam laughs as he feels Bill’s insinuating he’s not as tough as his ex.
Liam advice Billy B&B

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Bill talks up how Steffy and Liam love and support one another even though they’re not together. Liam explains they never want their daughter to feel stuck in the middle. He reflects on all the history with him, Steffy and Hope. Bill declares, “You’re a hell of a dad, Liam.” Liam says the kids make it easy. They joke about Kelly being a handful when she hits the teenage years — just like her mom. Bill knows how much his life with Steffy meant to Liam. He thinks maybe she brought out some things in him that Hope can’t. Liam worries he’s angling to criticize Hope. Bill assures he has a lot of respect for Hope… but she’s not Steffy and his marriage to Hope is not what his marriage to Steffy was… it’s just an observation. Liam makes a face and agrees that Steffy and Hope are two different people. Bill thinks he just admits he still loves Steffy. Liam says of course he does — he can’t imagine his world without Steffy in it.
Liam funny expression beer advice B&B

In the alley, Sheila looks at Steffy, who is lying unconscious next to Finn, bloodied, and asks, “Steffy? Can you hear me?” She takes her pulse, pulls on gloves, and stages the scene to look like Finn and Steffy were mugged by taking his wallet, her purse and their wedding rings. She kisses Finn on the lips, sobs and then takes off.
Sheila kiss Finn alley B&B

Back in her hotel, Sheila throws aways Finn and Steffy’s belongings and grimaces, screams and cries as she scrubs her hands.
Sheila scrub scream B&B

In the alley behind Il Giardino, Deacon grumbles his way to the dumpster to dispose of some garbage. He reels and starts when he takes in the bodies laying among the trash and gasps, “Oh my God, Finn! Steffy!”
Deacon alley B&B

At the office, Thomas doesn’t want to spend any more time talking about Sheila Carter. Taylor hopes she has changed and won’t cause trouble. Ridge, irked, says she’s already caused trouble. “Why do you say these things?” Taylor wants everyone to be happy, but she also knows there are people so deeply disturbed that therapy can’t help them. Ridge is upset when Taylor points out Sheila wants to be her friend. He declares that wherever that woman goes, tragedy follows.

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In her hotel room, Sheila ties up the garbage bag containing Finn and Steffy’s belongings and looks at a photo of the two of them holding Hayes on her phone before flashing back to the scene in the alley. “Finn… My son. My sweet, beautiful son. What have I done?” Sheila falls onto the bed and sobs.

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In the alley, Deacon calls 911 and says there’s been a shooting. He has no idea what happened. “Just get here, dammit!”

In her room, Sheila twists on the bed in agony.
Steffy Finn alley B&B

In the alley, Steffy and Finn are deathly still as sirens wail in the distance.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Deacon freaks, and Sheila begins to unspool.

Pay your respects to Finn — and all the characters the show’s killed off over the years — in the below photo gallery.

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