Athena Kasvikis to pitch specialty bra line on ‘Shark Tank’

Athena Kasvikis didn’t have a background in design or textiles or anything fashion-related, nor did she sew.

What she did have was a long-standing problem: finding bras that fit her.

By the time she was a student at Greece Arcadia High School, Kasvikis was a double-F cup.

“In my family — I’m Greek and Italian — you either get an A cup or an H cup,” she said. “That’s how the genetics work. It’s like I woke up overnight with this chest. It was very hard to deal with.”

Now 39 and living in Boston, she’s found a way.

In 2017, Kasvikis began working on concepts for bras that support large-breasted women but without underwire. She incorporated her venture, Behave Bras, in 2019. In 2020, she launched it as an e-commerce business. And last year, she pitched it to a panel of high-powered investors on the wildly popular ABC show sharktank. Her episode airs at 8 pm Friday, March 11.

“It’s been a journey,” she said.

It began all those years ago in high school. Kasvikis was a dedicated soccer player, both for the Greece Arcadia Trojans and the Cobras, a Greece travel team.

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