9-year-old stuns TikTok with her homemade designs: ‘She’s serving looks’

This designer on TikTok makes the most incredible outfits, and she’s only nine years old!

TikToker Tonya Aragon (@middle.mom) is a busy parent whose 9-year-old daughter, Kaia, has become the toast of the Instagram and TikTok fashion world for her show stopping outfits. Recently, Aragon shared a video of Kaia hard at work designing a new dress, and viewers are ready to place orders.

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The clip, which has over 12 million views, features sped-up footage of Kaia draping and pinning brown fabric on a mannequin in front of the bunk beds in her room.

“Yesterday, Kaia spent about an hour and a half draping and sewing a new dress,” Aragon narrates over the video.

The clip then cuts to a wider shot of Kaia on hands and knees circling the mannequin, trimming the bottom layers of fabric.

Aragon explains that while it’s easier for Kaia to design with a larger dress form, it presents a challenge when trying on her own creations.

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Kaia’s dress starts to come together in the next shot, where “she’s doing some problem solving,” which appears to involve draping fabric and cinching it to one side of the dress.

By the end of the video, the finished garment looks exactly as the fashion protected envisioned. The dress is a gorgeous brown off-the-shoulder cocktail dress with ruching and a fabric braid secured to one side.

Viewers were stunned by the 9-year-old dress designer’s talent.

“I hope she remembers us when she’s at the next NYC fashion show displaying her clothing line,” joked one user.

“She is going to be a major fashion designer when she grows up cause she’s serving looks,” one TikToker predicted.

“As someone who majored in fashion design, I wish my parents were as involved [when I was] this young! Way to go,” applauded one viewer.

It certainly looks as though Kaia is well on her way to the runways of New York and Paris, and it’s inspiring to see someone devote themselves to something that excites them.

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