6 Ways North West & Kanye West Have The Same Personality

Like father, like daughter, goes the slightly altered version of the old saying — and no family proves that statement is true quite like The Wests.

The bond Kanye West, and his oldest daughter North West share is well-documented.

But as North grows older and becomes more involved in her not-yet-realized celebrity life, people are starting to draw even more comparisons to the 8-year-old’s father, saying they’re like twins.

Here are 5 times North West acted just like her father Kanye West.

1. North West is a born performer.

During 2020’s Paris Fashion Week, Kanye unveiled his Yeezy Season 8 collection to the world in the form of his own fashion show, featuring several of the largest creative minds to grace the world of fashion as well as a breakout musical guest that no one had ever heard live before that night — Kanye’s own daughter, North.

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North took the stage wearing boots that look eerily similar to the signature boots Kanye refuses to take off even when he sleeps, and started singing what could only be her magnum opus.

Surrounded by models doing their walks, she asked “What are those?” to which she answered herself, “these are clothes.”


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